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How TurkNet increased e-commerce conversion rates by 107% with Clarity

Who is TurkNet?

TurkNet, established in 1996, is a leading independent telecom operator in Turkey, offering a range of services including telephone, internet, and data center solutions to both consumers and businesses. Recognized as one of Turkey’s Top 100 IT Companies, TurkNet continues to expand its significant fiber optic infrastructure for comprehensive local and international connectivity.

With a robust national data network, TurkNet ensures high-quality services for global carriers and wholesalers. Additionally, TurkNet provides user-friendly internet connection services for residential and commercial customers via its online platform and customer service center.

The Team

Zaliha Terk, Furkan Demirtaş, Özgül Çullu and Nermin Canik make up the digital marketing team at TurkNet. They aim to continuously increase service availability and monitor check action and e-commerce conversion rates by analyzing their web pages with the highest traffic.

The Challenge

On their website, they have a landing page where users can enter their address to check if internet service is available and learn how fast of an internet speed they can get. Users can also complete their subscription online or by calling the call center. In order to achieve their goals, they’ve experimented with various platforms simultaneously.

The team analyzed traffic from mobile devices using Google Analytics data and discovered that service availability check actions on the primary landing page decreased in specific screen resolutions (lower screen resolution correlates with lower conversion rates). After careful evaluation, they determined that Microsoft Clarity was the best solution for them.

Using Clarity

The TurkNet team reviews session recordings to continuously monitor potential usability and technical issues that users may encounter on the site. By analyzing session recordings with particular segments on Microsoft Clarity, they identified that some users were not closing the cookie consent popup and couldn’t see the form and button at the bottom of the page.

Additionally, they measure the impact of recent changes and conduct A/B testing. Clarity not only avoids limiting them based on the audience but also it automatically detects JavaScript errors, offering the team more extensive filtering capabilities.

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As a result, the landing page failed to offer appropriate actions tailored to specific audience segments, resulting in higher bounce & exit rates from the page.


Collaborating with the user experience (UX) and law teams, they redesigned the cookie consent screen to comply with regulations. These changes significantly increased performance resulting in a 72% increase in the number of service availability check actions and a 107% increase in internet package subscriptions.

Shows the before and after using Clarity


Microsoft Clarity consistently supports the TurkNet team in exploring their users customer journey. They review session recordings after every website change and analyze heatmap and scroll map data before adding any module to their pages. Landing page and funnel optimizations are paramount for their digital marketing and product management teams. With Clarity, they can further analyze events like site exits and cross-channel transitions (from website to call center) and define every step of the user journey.

Microsoft Clarity continues to be a game changer in the digital marketing sector. One of its key advantages is its ability to integrate with other analytics and A/B testing platforms. The TurkNet team plans to integrate all features of the Clarity platform more effectively into their road map in the upcoming periods.


Microsoft Clarity has been essential in understanding the user experience (UX) challenges on our website. By leveraging its detailed heat maps and insightful session recordings, we were able to pinpoint exactly where users faced obstacles. Thanks to Clarity, we can ensure our website not only meets but exceeds user expectations, providing a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience.” – Zaliha Terk, Digital Marketing Manager

Thanks to Clarity’s unique and efficient features, we detect situations that we cannot see anywhere else as data on our website, we produce optimizations for the problems we detect, and we also use time management effectively thanks to copilot.” -Furkan Demirtaş, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Thanks to Microsoft Clarity, we can analyze the behavior of users on our website, detect problems that we cannot see and produce solutions.” -Özgül Zeybek, Digital Marketing Executive

Thanks to its unique features, Microsoft Clarity allows us to understand user behaviors and to identify pain points our users encounter on our website, transforming them into gain points. This case study serves as an example of deriving data-driven hypotheses.” – Nermin Canik, Conversion Optimization Consultant

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